FMP: Artist statement

artist statement

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FMP: Final photos with text

Below are my final photos. From looking at the final photos they needed something else so that they looked just like a postcard. This was adding text. So with most of them I have just put ‘Barmouth’ and one which is what the actual place is called. These postcards will all say what the atmosphere is in 2025. You can now see the final photos below. beach and rocks beach blue lagoon grass pebbles seaside through brick sunset through brick sunset sunset2 sunset3 sunset4 waves

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FMP: Final photos

All of the below, I will be using in the final. Printed out like a postcard. All the photos above have been edited on Adobe Photoshop and have had an applied element of an oil paint effect and I have used the brightness and contrast to make the photo more vibrant and clearer.

beach blue lagoon  crashy waves crashy waves3 grass   sunset through brick sunset2 sunset3 sunset4  pebbles seaside through bricksunset

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FMP: Why I’m promoting?

I am promoting these as postcards because I believe that I think this is what postcards will look like in 2025 and how they will be displayed. Some will be landscape and others portrait. By using the oil paint effect on Adobe Photoshop this will make it more effective and look like an actual postcard.

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FMP : Edited Photos

seaside blue sky sunshine and sea waves

With these sea photos, I have also done the oil effect and added brightness and contrast in them. I will be printing these off on glossy photo paper to look like postcards, with the size 7 X 5. I like the look of all the waves and how they are smooth and look like an actual oil painting.

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FMP: Sunsets oil paint effect

sunset2 sunset3 sunset4

I will be using these sunsets in my final piece for my postcards. I like these the best in the oil paint effect because it looks very effective and makes me feel like I’m there in the photo. They also very artistic and that they will catch my audiences eye when looking at the postcard, hopefully and even from far away. I believe using this oil paint effect for these photographs makes the photo more appealing for people to buy and to make them think ‘Yes I will go to Barmouth, it looks lovely.’ This effect makes the photographs more crisp and smooth allowing the photo to look like they have brushed smoothly with the paint brush.

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