Project Two: Primary And Secondary Research.

Primary Research- For this project I found different images on google to help me in a word document and then placed all my ideas what I imagined and made into reality on to my blog. For most of this I used my imagination and put all my thoughts onto paper, so that I would make my 2D animation look what I had in my mind from eating an apple.

Secondary Research- I researched into professional work that inspired me and helped me in making my 2D animation. My findings were put onto my blog and displayed with photographs to show what I was saying come alive with the photos. I also researched into job roles from the creative skills set research. I found out all different jobs to do with 2D animation and what skills and qualifications you needed to be for the job, this would then let me and others visiting my blog how to be able to for fill their dreams and what they will need to become a 2D animation.


Project Two; Journal last day

After doing my animation and uploading it to moodle. People in the whole class watched my aniamtion and they seemed to like it as they clapped and some people even laughed. I then got my peers near me to evaluate my work. Most of them thought that most of the key words were good and liked my animation, the rest of the key words were OK. I then thought and wrote down what my weakest and strongest things were and wrote them down. I also wrote down how my work is better than artists i have reasearhed and how it is not very good compared to theres. After writing around three paragraphs i uploaded my evaluation to my blog and was relieved that i had finished my animation and work to go with the animation.

Project Two; How i got my idea

At the time i didnt quite know what i wanted to do for my Superhero. I was thinking whilst eating an appple and i thought i could maybe do an Animation abuot an apple. Apples are Juicy so I thought that it should be a she and her name could be Mrs Juicy. I made a mind map of different powers she could have and then decided that she should have at least three powers and that she should move with human features. That is how i thought of my Animation and then i started planning out how to have her and what she will do and the story of the Animation.