Project Six; Evaluation



Project Six; Critical analysis of final Film

Overall for my first attempt I think that it was a good video for my first attempt.

In the future when using the tripod I need to really think about how to position the tripod and when Daisy came into the shot to make her practise and not to cut her head off when she is talking. If i used the storyboard more and put the storyboard more in depth with detail then I would have had a better recording and then you will be able to see Daisy.

When zooming in also I need to stop recording and then press record again so that the camera does not make a noise whilst zooming in and out.

If I did all these things when recording then my video will have been like professional work like the short cowboy film.

My target for myself would be to write more in my storyboard which will help me in the future with video production but also other things to do with media.