Project Seven: Primary And Secondary Research.

Primary Research- From looking at my research I needed to take photos of my characters and backgrounds. From all the photos I took I only chose a few to use in my interactivity story. from these chosen photos i used Photoshop to help me edit them and to make the tree fade into Hettie’s face. All Photoshop photos went to plan and worked well with my interactivity story.

Secondary Research- I had to research three professional work via the internet to help me be inspired for my own interactivity. I did all my pre-planning which helped me previously before making it and making it easier for me to understand using my storyboard, scene list, dialogue script and scene overviews.


Project Seven: Evaluation


Above is my evaluation saying about the strengths and weaknesses in my work off my peers and myself. I learnt a lot when doing this project and also a lot about what I could have changed and made better in my work. I totally agree with my peers and what they said and if I did this next time then I will take on board everything they have said and what I could have done better or changed.

Project Seven: Visuals


These are my visuals that will be in the game with hidden objects. You will need to find these in the bridge. As I never had the time after I did it wrong I never had time to do the magic pen, so I did a flower instead. Annotations are around each visual saying what it is and what scene it will be in.

Project Seven: Own photo (Hettie’s house)

house in the tree

Above I have done the same with Hettie’s house blended in to the tree. This is my first scene in my story and the main page. The tree is what you can see in the background of the house and the house is obviously Hettie’s. This looks good as both pictures are not blocked together and wouldn’t looked realistic. By making it realistic I used blending options with made this good and like you are actually in front of the house. The interactivity with this scene will be clicking on each window to get into six different passages. This shows that it is in the countryside which is where the location of the place is held.


houseAs my photo of the house was blurred, I chose the idea to get a photograph off google and draw around it.



Project Seven: Own photo (wolf)

wolf in the tree

Above is my villain of my story using the YouTube link and finding out how to do this with my main character I thought that I would also do it for my villain. I then thought I could also add colour pop aspects within the photo so that the wolf would be more scary as the rest of the photo is in black and white. I love the idea of this because it shows off the villan with his beautiful eyes. When the villan is introduced I will use this photo. I like the idea of how the wolf is blended into the tree, it shows spookyness within the photo. The interactivity with this has none as it is just a visual to show off in the story so people can admire the photograph.

Project Seven: Own picture (Hettie)

megan in the tree

Above is a picture of my main character and a photo of a tree. I learnt how to do this from YouTube from Phlearn. My genre of my game is fantasy, I think this different from what everyone else would do and also fantasy normally has different things and I wanted to have these elements in my work and interactive story. The lighting of this is great in my opinion as the light background shows the main character’s (Hettie) skin out and her blue eyes which I like. I will use this in my interactive story, this photo will not be interactive, it will only be used as a visual when the main character is introduced. The tree will foreshadow how the story will end as she will end up living in a mansion in the forest, which will show how it will end up. The interactivity with this photo has none as I want the audience to admire the photo’s I have taken.