Project Four: Primary And Secondary Research.

Primary Research- For my own research which I collected myself was mainly taking my own photographs of around shrewsbury and one of my peers in the class. This is beacuse I had to do a compositing photography shoot to help me maybe doing this in my final production. This helped me a lot however I liked colour pop photography the best. This is where you change the photo from colour to black and white and add some colour to my photograph. When taking one of my photographs for my final production I did this which made my picture look better and more exciting for the human eye to admire and appreciate it. When doing these photography skills I learnt a lot of new skills to do on Adobe Photoshop and to help me with my project.

Secondary Research- For my existing research I had to present my work onto a word document which I then put onto my blog; where I had found examples of professional work which would help me gain inspiration from them to my final piece of work, I also had to research job roles in the creative media sector where photographic skills would be required – I found this information out on creative skill set website which is specifically for media jobs which tell you everything you need to now.


Project Four; comparing colour pop with my final

I got pictures from google images and even ones which I have taken from my camera and edited them using Photoshop and the technique using colour pop.

Colour pop links to my work as I used it within two of my pictures so that the picture looked professioanal and better than what it looked like, as I never used a tripod. The main of the photo was black and white with a tiny area of colour of my choice. I did this using colour pop on Photoshop. Changing it to black and white was simple but reversing a tiny bit to colour was more difficult than the black and white.

I loved the idea of colour pop! The idea of it being black and white was great but also with colour in my final piece was even better.



Project Four; Jounal

Project Four: Journal

DAY ONE: The first thing we got to do was to either pick concept art or Photography. Well my favourite one out of the two was photography so I picked to do that. We never got the brief that day to say what we could have done first however I used my knowledge and thought that I could look for photographers who are famous for their work and research about them. After I researched four photographers I uploaded this then to my blog.


DAY TWO: We then was handed the brief and it said it was a story of photographs of Shrewsbury, so what I did first was research into job roles and what photographer actually do. After this I researched into the history of Shrewsbury and what I could take pictures of and tell it as a story. I found a lot of history about Shrewsbury and things I never actually knew about Shrewsbury.


DAY THREE: I went on to doing a mind map of ideas I could do and how to lay out the photographs to tell a story. I then added all of this to my blog so that it was easy to access. I went onto doing loads more ideas for my Project and added this to my blog as well. That night I went into town and took the pictures of what I needed, I took them in colour and in black and white so it was effective when I put them in to a time line as I knew then what I wanted to do. I wanted to do the ‘centuries of Shrewsbury’ so then this would be in a timeline.


DAY FOUR: Concept and Photographers got spilt up so it was easier to work with the other level three people and then we had the opportunity to learn skills within Photography. The skill was called compositing photography and I and daisy went outside to take some photos whilst the camera was on a tripod. We took a few pictures with daisy posing in different directions by the football net however the lighting was not brilliant and everything we did the photos weren’t coming out very well, so we moved and got some brilliant photos in a circular sculpture. We then went onto Adobe Photoshop. I watched a compositing photo video on YouTube so I knew exactly what to do and how to get all the photos together into one picture than loads of pictures, after this I then uploaded the final thing to my blog.


DAY FIVE: We were set another task to do a photography skill and this was called Colour pop. Colour pop is basically getting a picture you have taken or off google and then uploading that to Photoshop to then change it to black and white and to then select colour change to make some of the picture colour and then the rest in black and white so it’s effective and it makes it look good. I then uploaded all the colour pops I did to my blog.


DAY SIX: I then printed off all my photographs I had taken the previous day and added them to a white piece of paper. I then added one line under each photograph about when the building was built and a little history. After our break I had to UN tack the blue tack and then spray it with spray glue so it would mount on the black piece of paper. I then took a photo of my final piece and then uploaded it to my blog and said how I put the photos onto the black paper underneath. I then got my peers to fill out my evaluation and wrote about what I liked about my final piece and what I could have improved and also compared it to the research of photographers I found and what was like there’s and how I could of got it to be like theirs.

Project Four; Final


This is my final piece. It shows the different centuries in time. I belive that if I could change anything it would be to take away the writing beacuse the pictures really tell the story and what it is about and the writing underneath each photograph is not needed.