Project Five; Evaluation



Project Five; Journal

DAY ONE:  Firstly we researched what the hero’s story was about and what we had to do for our own. Then we researched  into professionals who do story or script writing and uploaded it to out blog after we google them and wrote about their work and maybe how we would put the layout of theirs into our own. After that we went to find job roles within story and script writing and wrote about them on to our blogs.

DAY TWO: We did a mind map of what our story could be about and what the character were and how we would layout the story, then uploaded it to our blog.

DAY THREE: Firstly we opened the document on moodle of a word document which was a summary of what our story would be of and we then uploaded the word document to our blog. Then I started writing my story on a word document and typed away. I had to first think of a title and I thought that ‘Into the blood’ would be good as the main characters are vampires and they like to have a lot of blood.

DAY FOUR: I finished off my story, aware that i could only have 2500 words. I was lucky to have 2262 words at the end which was in the range. After uploading the document to my blog I went onto the script and then uploaded it to my blog after finishing this.

DAY FIVE: I saved the evaluation to my H drive and asked my peers to evaluate my story. Mostly the whole of it was excellent which I was pleased about and then I wrote about my work and what I need to work on, then uploaded it to my blog.

Project Five; Summery

The Hero’s Journey – Your Story
Stage Details Your Story: Into the blood.
1  THE ORDINARY WORLD She lives in a depressed old house in the middle of the countryside.
2  THE CALL TO ADVENTURE She receives a letter from vampire school as she sent off for it whilst deciding what she wanted to become and have a value in life.
3  REFUSAL OF THE CALL Hettie’s mother does not want her to go and she rips up the letter in front of her, which makes Hettie more determined to get up and go.
4  MEETING WITH THE MENTOR Rachel already knows that Hettie has the knowledge and they meet at the top of the bridge and speak about what she has to do first to be able to enter the vampire school.
5  CROSSING THE THRESHOLD Hettie after meeting her mentor has to cross the dreaded bridge with dangerous tests she has to complete to be accepted into the other side.
6  TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES After the mission she meets her allies in the school. She first meets Ludo who she gets on really well with and they think that he is her older brother as they have a close relationship. After she meets Roxie and they are sharing a room and they get on like a house on fire and have great fun on the first night.

Her enemy is Lennox but has not yet seen her.

7  APPROACH TO THE IN-MOST CAVE She realizes there is werewolves out there and she finds out from her mentor that they have killed her family back home. Even though she never got on with her family she would not wish for them to be killed so she needs to find out who it is. She finds out it was Lennox and her knew allie.
8  THE ORDEAL Hettie and she knew family and her allies all go and find these two rats and try and kill them like they did to her parents.
9 THE REWARD The reward Hettie gets is to become an actual vampire and she is given all the knowledge to get her to believe in herself and have a value in life.
10  THE ROAD BACK Hettie decides to go home after her parents were killed and she finds out whilst on the train that her mother was actually a half vampire and that’s why Lennox wanted to kill her as she was an enemy.
11  THE RESURRECTION Hettie and her allies will always be able to live for centuries and she realizes that she is actually the leader as she has so many different powers her new family does not have. Which means she can look after them.
12  RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR Hettie still lives in the school as she protects the younger ones who are new to the school and teaches them, her allies teach as well.