Project Eight: Primary And Secondary Research.

Primary Research- When collecting my research I found that gogglies was a great way to deliver the children’s TV programme. So I went onto which fruit and vegetables I will need and how which one would be better to cut in half and make flat, so when I make my animation it will look realistic. Using stop motion the fruit will need to be flat as the camera is looking straight onto the background so the fruit and vegetables will need to be suitable to cut in half and be suitable to use with stop motion animation. I am hoping by taking on my own research and finding out by my self my animation will look great and be suitable for my chosen audience and they find the animation enjoyable.

Secondary Research- From looking at all my research via the internet I collected a lot of useful professional work to help me with my infomercial and my interactivity, audio and visuals to do with my animation. All the infomercials that I looked at all had some sort of message to tell from telling the story of the infomercial.

Before buying fruit and vegetables I looked at doing cut outs of them but I didn’t like the flatness of them when on the background and the wiggly eyes didn’t look excellent on them. So I decided to get the real fruit and vegetables so that it looked more realistic and so that the eyes fitted perfectly. I needed a message to get across that you need to eat you five a day. So I thought of “Stop, Remember your five a day.” which maybe told the younger children that were my audience that they should remember everyday and also find the infomercial enjoyable and exciting for them to be glued to the animation and to not get board about it.

I also researched into different types of animation such as infomercials, stop motion, and key frame animation which is based around photography which I wanted mine to be based on. I found out a lot of information to be able to pick that the best one to use for what I wanted to do was stop motion and to use dragon frame when putting the animation all together.


Project Eight : Analysis

From putting the party hats I made on the fruit and vegetable it didn’t look good or effective. So from this I thought I could photoshop them onto each individual photograph. Looking at this they still didn’t look good, they look much better with just wiggly eyes. In my opinion they still look effective and that they are in a nightclub as they are dancing and also the background is a nightclub looking set.

Project Eight: Thoughts

When thinking of them dancing, I will have to cut the fruit in half and move them along so it looks like they are dancing. By cutting the grape in half this will make it very small and hard to see in the aniamtion. So by changing the grape to a kiwi this will make it easy to see the fruit when aniamting. So my characters will now be an apple, a kiwi, a carrot and a potato. My background will be a nightclub as I will be facing the camera straight down onto the scenes.

Project Eight: DIY mini party hats



I will be making my own mini party hats for the fruit and vegetable people. Following instructions from the internet. I need these so that the charcters will look effective looking like they are at a party and having fun. From the pictures above, they are only inspiration off the website and what mine will look like when I do them.