Project one : Potential Audience

For the spooky walk at Attingham Park i think that the audience will be for families and maybe couples of the younger age. families like to do things together and i don’t think teenagers will pay just to go in to a spooky walk they may think it will be boring.


Project 1 : research 

throughout the whole of the video it seems they are always using the rectangular strips. This is aimed at people who are interested in art and enjoy to watch how the rectangles change all the time. the music effect in the background is very soothing and clam, maybe to make you feel like you are there in the atmosphere and in their story they are trying to tell. the concept of using  these rectangles is to show how art is formed and how to impress someone.

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throughout the whole video all you feel is sadness. this is because its about the news and what happened. the visuals shown are of a woman with paint all over her and then how it disappears, reversing the different stages. the visuals i think are shown like that to show how distraught the girl is and how lonely she is as her facial expression is always straight. this is an audience for people who are into things that are very strange and for people who like that kind of art. the song in the background reflects on what has happened and how people around the while feel sorry for families that have lost somebody. it makes us reflect on what we are hearing in the background whilst the man is talking in the background. this is how real the situation is. its like she is wiping away her sadness and making things happy agin in what has happened.

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from watching what andy does, all the lights make you feel fascinated and let you keep on watching. you are wondering how he does it and makes it very interested and enjoyable to watch. the lights have to be fascinating as the audience i would think is for everyone who likes to watch them. he has used upbeat music to go with the production, this makes you feel like you are in a  nightclub. all the flashing lights nd the music makes you want to have fun and thats what you do when in a night club. thats why he did this to make you dance and to have fun whilst watching his production.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 19.39.31

at 45 seconds onwards, the sound of the little girl crying with laughter is freaky and spooky. this could creep out a lot of people whilst watching the video,. it is effective because it shows that we have a lot of people whilst watching the video. it is effective because it shows that we have a lot of fear for her or maybe humour for what she is doing. it gives us a thrill in to keep watching is she’s going to kill someone.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 19.50.58most of the visuals are reflections of bodies in the window of a house. the visuals reflect on what happen when going trick or treating on Halloween, maybe to scare people or to make them laugh. i think that this whole movie is aimed at children between 10-16 the younger the child the more they are scared, if it was me i would just laugh at whats going on as it is not that true.

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to me it does look  like they have achieved their aims as they have to put a lot into the video and made every little thing look realistic. for example the pumpkins talking like real people, as they wouldn’t normally.

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