FMP: Survey; Audience analysis

From looking at my results most of the people who looked at my survey and completed it over landscape photography the best. This was great for me as I wanted to take photos of the beach and scenery around the sea. Others liked black and white photography, however I would have done that for what I was achieving it would have not looked great as I wanted to show the colour and beauty of Barmouth not make it look dark and gloomy from using this type of photography.

One person who completed my survey loved sun sets in photos. Others who I spoke to also liked sun set photos, that was really good to take on board as I love sun set photos and also they make me feel peace and normality to be around such a beautiful place. So when taking the photos I want my audience to feel the same that I feel and admire the work I have done. When doing my production I will take all my audiences feelings and ideas on board to help me throughout the work.

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