FMP; Professional examples of idea


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All these photographs again are of the beach, sea and sunsets. They all have a meaning to the person who took the photo and when doing my own I want to have a meaning to my photographs and to make the audience look at them like loads of people look at Adam’s.

All of Adam’s photos have one or two things that are the same repeating in each photo. In his its the sea and rocks. When doing my production I could use one or two things that are repeating themselves in each photo to give the photo meaning and purpose for my audience to look at the photo and admire it.

From looking at his lighting I believe that he has used natural light and has not used colour filters. The sunset one I believe that he has caught a very lovely sunset that brings out all the colour in the beach. With some of my photographs I want to take this inspiration on to help me use the natural light not using filters and brightness effects.

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