Project Eight: Sound plan


This word doccument has a brief outline in what the sound/music will be and what equiptment I have used when doing this.  The music used will be off


Project Eight: Ideas

drawing ideasThe drawings of my characters will actually be real life fruit and vegetasbles however if I get them at this stage they will go moldy, so I thought that I should draw them out with what they will look like in my infomercial animation. The checkerd floor is an idea for my background as I will pointing the camera down onto the set so it will need to catch the audiences eye with a funky background. I will be drawing the background onto a cardboard box and placing the fruit onto and taking various shots with my camera to make them look like they are dancing together when I assemble all the shots so it looks like a professioanl aniamtion. From looking at my research they take alot of shots to make their animation so I believe that I will need to do this as well.

Project Eight: Background ideas

637356-bigthumbnail400_F_15587808_7OSjjuoeH5iMKbYhNASOKe4l02UclIej_PXPparty backgroundNight-clubbackground4All of the above are very good examples of what I could use as my background in my nightclub themed infomercial. I was thinking of drawing one of these examples on a cardboard box to make the background stand out. This will make my infomercial effective because it will show the elements I have used in my locations mind map and people will feel as though the fruit are dancing in a nightclub instead of a plain background and have no relevance to my mind maps.