Project Five; Final Script


my final script to go with my story.


Project Five; Summery

The Hero’s Journey – Your Story
Stage Details Your Story: Into the blood.
1  THE ORDINARY WORLD She lives in a depressed old house in the middle of the countryside.
2  THE CALL TO ADVENTURE She receives a letter from vampire school as she sent off for it whilst deciding what she wanted to become and have a value in life.
3  REFUSAL OF THE CALL Hettie’s mother does not want her to go and she rips up the letter in front of her, which makes Hettie more determined to get up and go.
4  MEETING WITH THE MENTOR Rachel already knows that Hettie has the knowledge and they meet at the top of the bridge and speak about what she has to do first to be able to enter the vampire school.
5  CROSSING THE THRESHOLD Hettie after meeting her mentor has to cross the dreaded bridge with dangerous tests she has to complete to be accepted into the other side.
6  TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES After the mission she meets her allies in the school. She first meets Ludo who she gets on really well with and they think that he is her older brother as they have a close relationship. After she meets Roxie and they are sharing a room and they get on like a house on fire and have great fun on the first night.

Her enemy is Lennox but has not yet seen her.

7  APPROACH TO THE IN-MOST CAVE She realizes there is werewolves out there and she finds out from her mentor that they have killed her family back home. Even though she never got on with her family she would not wish for them to be killed so she needs to find out who it is. She finds out it was Lennox and her knew allie.
8  THE ORDEAL Hettie and she knew family and her allies all go and find these two rats and try and kill them like they did to her parents.
9 THE REWARD The reward Hettie gets is to become an actual vampire and she is given all the knowledge to get her to believe in herself and have a value in life.
10  THE ROAD BACK Hettie decides to go home after her parents were killed and she finds out whilst on the train that her mother was actually a half vampire and that’s why Lennox wanted to kill her as she was an enemy.
11  THE RESURRECTION Hettie and her allies will always be able to live for centuries and she realizes that she is actually the leader as she has so many different powers her new family does not have. Which means she can look after them.
12  RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR Hettie still lives in the school as she protects the younger ones who are new to the school and teaches them, her allies teach as well.

Project Five; Job Roles- Script Superviser

Script superviser:

Ensuring that film and TV dramas, shot out of script sequence, end up making continuous verbal and visual sense.


TV production courses awarded the skillset tick.

Film production courses awarded the skillset tick.


  • Have exceptional skills of observation
  • Have a meticulous and methodical attention to detail
  • Have stamina to remain alert and focused during long filming days
  • Be able to take precise and detailed notes quickly and efficiently

Project Five; research


Jane Goldman is an English screenwriter, author and producer. She is mostly known for co-writing with Matthew Vaughn the screenplays of X-Men: First class (2011), Kick Ass (2010) and Stardust (2007).


All her work is based on none real things and heroes, Kick Ass below would not be real in life and people like me love it because Jane has made it funny and interesting to watch.